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men's hair replacement
Men's hair loss
men's hair loss
Men's hair replacement
Non-surgical hair loss

Many men go through hair loss for many different reason's male pattern hair loss or thinning hair due to stress and other medical factors this can result in a loss of confidence and self-esteem  as a result of losing their hair. 

The new techniques that are now available that make it much easier to get non- surgical hair replacement and is much more affordable to everyone. So many men have now joined the many TV  stars, actors ect who wear hair replacement systems with total confidence in the knowledge that no-one will ever know their secret.

there are many different ways to have your hair system fit such as

liquid Bond - This is when the piece is glued on to the area required You then come back to us once a month for a maintenance appointment which includes taking off the piece, cleaning, re-attaching and cutting your own hair. You can usually wear this continuously for up to 4 weeks. Monthly maintenance in salon is from £55 and booked for 1 - 2 hours depending on the service you require.

tape Bond (Self-Maintenance) - This is for clients that wish to carry out their own maintenance, live too far to travel to salon or do not wish to use glue and thus using tapes only (glue can be used also). You remove the system once every 1-2 week, clean and reattach yourself. We teach you how to manage your system yourself during fitting. We also hold Self-Maintenance Workshops to if further assistance is required. This method of attachment is very secure and generally holds anywhere between 1-3weeks depending on scalp condition.



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